Leroy Bickford

Leroy Bickford in picture above in Boston.
The Town of Newburgh received over $10,000 from the Bickford fund in 2012. The funds are used for the roads and education.
Who was Leroy Bickford?

He was born in Newburgh on November 8, 1848 in the house at the corner of the Miles Road and Western Ave (Route 9), at the home of his parents. He was the son of Horace P. and Lydia A. (Bussey) Bickford and grandson of Captain Ichabod Bickford, who built the recently demolished (2009) Town House.
Captain Bickford was one of the five brothers who settled in Newburgh in the late 1700s. Captain Bickford was a captain of the militia of Newburgh (Plantation #2, 2nd range) and was engaged at the “Battle of Hampden” in September of 1814 (War of 1812). Horace P. was born in Newburgh January 15, 1923. He later served as a representative to the legislature and filled the office of Selectman, Town Agent and Auditor for several years. Horace was married on January 18, 1848 to Miss Lydia Bussey, daughter of Otis Ingalls and Eliza (Wheeler) Bussey of Newburgh. Otis Bussey was Newburgh town clerk for many years.
Leroy received his elementary education at the Bussey School, more recently known as the Knowlton School (destroyed in the great ice storm 0f 1998). He later graduated from the English High School of Boston after which he engaged in business with his uncle.
Mr. Bickford passed away in November of 1918 at his residence in Hyde Park, Massacheusetts, where he had resided for nearly thirty years. He was a well known citizen of that area and a director of the Hyde Park Cooperative Bank and a member of the committee dealing with the lending of money.
In his will he directed his trustee to accumulate a fund of $50,000 for the benefit of the Town of Newburgh. The original trustee of the fund showed an inventory value of $6992.96 according to a letter to the Town of Newburgh from the Old Colony Trust Co. in Boston on May 19, 1949. The International Trust Company was the original Trustee.
Information for this article was derived from town records as well as from personal interviews, the phograph is from a family member. Newburgh is fortunate to have retained so much historical documentation.

by Amos Kimball