Noted Newburgers (from 1882)

Excerpted from History of Penobscot County Maine, with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches, 1882

Noted Newburgers
Rufus Gilmore, the caller of the first town meeting, and otherwise a prominent citizen in the early day, was an adjutant of militia on the Hampden battle-ground in 1814, and was afterwards promoted to be Colonel. He was a land surveyor for many years, and filled various State, county, and town offices. He afterwards removed to Monroe, now in Waldo county, where he died, aged eighty-five years. General Charles D. Gilmore, former High Sheriff of this county, was a son of the honored old pioneer. He was a colonel in the Union army during the civil war, and was finally promoted to a Generalship. He is now a well-known resident of Washington, District of Columbia.
Charles P. Brown, Esq., of Bangor: M. F. Mudgett, a lawyer in New York City; A. G. Mudgett, a captain in Colonel H. M. Plaisted’s Regiment (Eleventh Maine), during the late war; also Major M. M. Folsom and his brother, Dr. A. P. Folsom, of Oldtown are natives of this town.
The following notes occur in the Roll of Honor of Bowdoin College, published in the Reports of the Adjuntant-General of the State:
Class of 1865- William H. H. Andrews, born in Newburg, March 1842; did not complete the course; Quartermaster sargeant, with date September 1862; promoted Quartermaster.
Class of 1867- William P. Mudgett, born in Newburg, January, 1842; Second Lietenant Eleventh Maine; resigned.